Our Work

Resolve Consultants work with a wide variety of organisations to help turn ideas into action. We believe in using a collaborative approach with our clients to meet your needs.

We bring expertise from a wide variety of sectors to help add value and deliver impact. As a client for Resolve you are assured a high quality of service, but also we will challenge assumptions, explore your organisation's creativity and assess its culture to develop leadership and decision-making to support the change processes that our clients seek.

  • Developing bespoke Anti-Violence programme, enabling management team to deliver tailored approach to inmates.

  • Working with the Senior Leadership Team to build a collaborative culture between Prisoners and Officers. Enabling engagement and teaching culture to promote rehabilitation into society.

  • Implementing a monitoring and evaluations system to demonstrate the success of training and workshops conducted by officers. In turn providing the prison with valuable feedback to tailor future projects.

Beckmead Family of Schools
  • Strategic Development across a Multi-Academy Trust. Providing the school with a sustainable development for future growth. 

  • Embedding true values of the culture throughout the school. Enabling brand ambassadors to advertise and market their offering.

  • One to One Leadership Training. Providing key skills for department heads to understand and navigate new strategic development forward. 

NOMs Youth Estate
  • Developing and implementing plan to reduce violence and promote innovative ways to empower young people. 

  • Understanding the eco-system of the youth estate by developing and implementing central functions. This was required to develop infrastructure as well as identifying local needs and strategies in four Youth Offending Institutions (Cookham Wood, Feltham, Werrington and Wetherby). 

  • Transforming the department by building an innovative new Conflict Resolution Service, which included recruitment, training, quality assurance, internal branding and embedding sustainability.   


Clare Lodge
  • Organisational strategy to develop a vision for co-operation with key partners.

  • Providing an innovative solution through System Thinking Solutions, by addressing departmental collaboration across their value chain.

  • Linking policy and practice through a reflective supervision model to enable Clare Lodge to align their business with their new business objectives. 

Cressey College
  • Conflict Resolution training for over 100 staff across 5 sites.

  • Developing an awareness of group dynamics, bullying and strategies for reflective practice.

  • Team building and practice, sharing as part of the Cressey College’s on-going organisational strategy.

Youth Offending Service
  • The Tri-Borough Youth Offending Service combined the Youth Offending Teams of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster.

  • Our work involved developing early intervention and prevention model of conflict resolution. This was established to enable schools to prevent young people entering the criminal justice system.

  • Providing support to YOS, allowing them to take a leadership role in promoting its services to the wider system.

Atkinson UNIT Devon County Council
  • Defining an Organisational Strategy with Senior Leadership team in developing and implementing a new restorative justice approach.

  • Development of Pathway System to support professionals when faced with a various difficult scenarios. Enabling the department to ensure a coordinated approach to challenging situations.

  • Conflict Resolution training for internal staff and local authority partners, to create a consistent service for the needs of young people and staff.

TBAP Multi-Academy Trust
  • Staff training on conflict resolution to develop structured processes for dealing with challenging behaviour.

  • Developing an organisational strategy to align policy and practice.

  • Long-term infrastructure building to produce a centre of excellence for Conflict Resolution in the Alternative Provision sector.

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC)
  • Strategic focus on engagement with young people via digital services

  • Creating awareness and reporting crime appropriately

  • Support young people through the criminal justice system.

  • Supporting young persons in understanding the issues within vulnerable groups.    

Centre for Science & Policy Cambridge University 
  • System thinking methodology and practices   

  • Advising the cabinet Officer as a fellow for the Centre of Science and Policy

Resolve Consultants Youth Led Cyber Bullying Inquiry 
  • Resolve consultants worked with 12 extraordinary young people over the summer of 2014 to address Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence.

  • Lead the first ever Youth Led-Inquiry into Cyberbullying and Cyberviolence.

  • Recruited a number of organisations to take part in the Youth Led-Inquiry sharing their expertise and solutions. ​​​

Cyber Bullying Inquiry

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Cyber Bullying Inquiry

Youth Views

Back on Track, London Councils
  • Organisational strategy developing capacity in pupil referral units.

  • Chairing work conducted by London Councils and supporting and implementing Restorative Approaches in PRUs.

Adel Beck Secure Children’s Home
  • Created bespoke Restorative Practice which allowed for better understanding and evaluation of issues raised in home.

  • Developing and launching of e-platform for youth. Making use of new online service as part of Resolve Consultancy SaaS Solutions.

  • Training for the management team, creating bespoke workshops to help identify key areas of concern within Adel Beck to build on life skills. Working on two main areas, aggression and conflict.​