Who captures the good idea in your organisation?

As we get into summer and the workplace starts to relax, one question has been bothering me; Who captures the good idea in your organisation?

With so much of the business literature discussing terms such as 'innovation' 'creativity' and 'disruption' there seems little focus on where these processes start. Having worked across public and the private sector, there seems a reluctance in both to identify where new ideas that can help the organisation to develop move beyond the initial conversation.

Do we assume that good ideas come from the top-down (senior leadership to middles mangers, middles managers to operational staff), bottom-up (operational staff identifying problems to manager), horizontal such as internal teams (such as the away day or multi-department meeting) or outside in (consultants, academics, business literature championed by an organisational member)?

So there may be multiple opportunities to hear a good idea - but who has responsibility for capturing the good idea? It is surprising that in the knowledge economy with more information than ever, it can be hard to find the right processes to allow new ideas the room and time to formulate their value.

When ideas are left as discussions rather than captured, staff can become frustrated as opportunities for improvement are missed, customers become disengaged with a service or product which has not improved, and competitors may move faster to improve their value chain offer.

So as summer rolls on there is an opportunity to sit back and think about that idea mentioned in passing or in a meeting and start to find ways to bring it to life. The disruption may be about to start.

#Organisation #Ideas

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