The impossible: Doing more with less.

In my experience one sentence that has come up from time to time but particularly when a budget has to be cut or a restructure is proposed is 'we need to do more with less' (DMWL). This is actually impossible, yet it is amazing how many people refuse to challenge this illogical notion when it presents itself.

You can do more with more.

You can do less with less.

You can do less with more.

But you can't do more with less.

Ok I am starting to sound like a logician or Donald Rumfields' known knowns, but it is important that the management of services and products that this illogical maxim that has an impact on both strategy and operational delivery be put to rest.

The biggest impact of this is on creativity as 'DMWL' often means try to maintain rather than re-frame the problem and solutions that could be achieved. With disruption happening to many industries and more are likely to experience this in the coming years the old ways of thinking about contraction and restructures will challenge strategic thinking about product and service delivery.

For example in the public sector, as organisations have lived through a period of DMWL, we are now seeing a frustration that their operational processes need innovation to tackle changing demand but with a mentality of at 'the lowest cost possible' rather than at the best quality possible.

So the next time you hear someone raise a DMWL proposition ask them re-frame the problem - how do we become creative in meeting the challenges of our customers?

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