Time: The most undervalued resource.

We don't have the time.

This is the most common issue in organisations, particularly an organisation incrisis. It is this perception that we don't have the time which kills innovation and maintains the status quo even when the status quo is not working for most people in the organisation.

At this point, it can be tempting to go with an obvious restructure or culture change programme but this can diminish even further the use of time by those already under pressure. One issue that squanders time is the 'meeting about meetings' mentality where there is lots of activity and very little progress.

You may also get the 'we're too busy' or 'we have to run just to stand still' culture where all ideas are welcomed but no one has the time to implement them. This is a good defensive strategy of managers and staff as it allows them to focus on what is urgent not necessarily what is important.

Finally, there is the 'back to the future initiative' which has already been tried and failed to deliver but a new manager wants to bring in again, to the dismay of an already fatigued staff.

The failure to manage time as a resource is easy to quantify in terms of energy and cost. By this I mean that the energy and enthusiasm of staff combined with the cost of meetings which have no or little progress end up depleting an organisations' most precious resource. Time is a leadership issue with pressure to meet quarterly targets, projects timelines or end of year financials. How time is used must be essential to the survival of any business. I would argue 'Time' as a resource must be linked to the organisational strategy. Do leadership understand how the organisational strategy is reflecting the perception of time in the organisation, the speed of change within the market and the rate at which competitors are innovating?

If we don’t have the time, who does?

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