Resolve Consultants 

We believe people bring ideas to life. The right ideas, with the right people, at the right time, can have tremendous impact on how we achieve our goals.


Our philosophy in business is simple; strive for the ideal. With strategic thinking, able to understand the complexity of conflict in different contexts and industries. We passionately believe when working with professionals, young people, communities, industries or government we can achieve our objectives with two key assets, enthusiasm and creativity. 

We have an ethos and culture of creativity and innovation, based on our unique vision of bridging ideas and results through action. This means working with leading academics, as well as experts from the commercial, public and voluntary sectors, not just to deliver high quality services and to identify creative opportunities for our clients.

Our work is built on trust and professional integrity, from our core services to developing bespoke packages. We always seek to deliver exciting high quality services based on research and evidence to bring our clients ideas to life.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, more violent... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of coverage to move in the opposite direction" E.F Schmacher, 1973


Our Team
Luke Roberts, M.B.A, MEd, Managing Director


Phone: 07870249946

Luke has worked in the commercial, voluntary and public sectors which gives a unique insight into the complex way in which these sectors work independently and together. This gives him a strategic insight into alternative business models and knowledge management to deliver results.


As an academic, Luke is presently studying a PhD at Cambridge University exploring how power and relationships converge in organisation. He has completed his Masters in Educational Research which focused on how organisations can be analysed using Complexity Theory and Systems Thinking to sustain initiatives. Luke also has a degree in Politics and Law, as well as having completed the Legal Practitioners Course (LPC) at the College of Law, in his younger years. Towards the end of the course he was involved in national research with the Youth Justice Board, investigating violence reduction and conflict resolution, and decided to leave the law, and work on community resolution through restorative justice.


In 2007, whilst consulting for the Metropolitan Police Service in London , he decided to start an MBA with the Open University as he realised it is not enough to train individuals or teams, and started to focus on how organisations learn, through creativity, culture and processes. At the end of his Masters he had become interested in organisational strategy, creativity and systems thinking. The holistic solutions often lost through short-term objectives led Luke to then complete a post-graduate certificate in Systems Thinking in Action. Following a conference presentation on why initiatives fail in organisations, he was concerned by the lack of research on what works to successfully sustain initiatives he was asked if he would like to conduct this research at Cambridge University for a second Masters. This enabled him to understand Complexity Theory as a means to analysis change and transformation in organisations as a means of managing uncertainty and creativity. He received a distinction for his work on Complexity Theory and the sustainability to Restorative Approaches from Cambridge University.


Luke has been a leading trainer in the field of Conflict Resolution, and specifically Restorative Justice and Restorative Approaches; he has been a practitioner, trainer and consultant to Local Authorities, Charities, Youth Offending Teams, Police Forces and Youth Offending Institutions and schools.


His work includes culture change in organisations, systems design and business development and leadership training, yet his key passion remains helping organisations manage conflict to perform and deliver for their communities.


Luke has also done extensive work in the media, including print, radio, television, (live and pre-record) as social media including webinars and social networking sites. This has become an increasingly important area of development as organisations promote, protect and enhance their brands to customers and communities.











Tim Woolliscroft - Innovation, Creativity, Strategy and Change Consultant

Tim’s experience in the creative industries, business/management, and academia enables him to help organisations achieve success through innovation.  His understanding of business strategy has been informed by teaching business in higher education, and enhanced by extensive academic study, including five postgraduate qualifications. In his PhD Tim took a systems thinking approach to investigate how information technology can be harnessed to deliver healthcare efficiencies; his creative and interdisciplinary background makes him uniquely-placed to translate lessons-learned across sectors.

In his management career, Tim led extensive programmes of change and development for both arts and healthcare organisations, developing strategy and innovative programmes of work. His approach included engaging with both internal and external stakeholders, at all levels. Under his leadership one arts organisation increased its annual income fourfold. 


Tim developed his creative skills through a decade-long career as a contemporary circus artist: creating shows, roving performances and training programmes. He delivered these internationally to many thousands of people. Career highlights included pre-show entertainment for the Rolling Stones and performing on stage with Echo and the Bunnymen.  Through his creative, management and academic background he has developed an extensive toolkit of techniques to help organisations find solutions to overcome the challenges & harness the opportunities offered by technological change.














Terence Bevington, PhD, BA (Hons), PGCE, MA ,MSc, MEd - Associate Consultant


Terence has had many roles in education over the past 20 years: as a youth worker, teacher, behaviour support tutor, behaviour support officer and coordinator of a personalised learning service. Terence’s professional career has been enhanced and complemented by associated study and research.


Terence trained as a restorative conference facilitator in 2007 and was accredited as a Restorative Practitioner by the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) in September 2011. As well as his work with Thorsborne and Associates, Terence continues to work as a restorative approaches development officer for an inner-London local authority, a role he has developed over the past four years.


Throughout his career, Terence has been dedicated to integrating research, theory and practice in his work. He is in the process of working towards a PhD at the University of Cambridge in the field of conflict resolution and restorative practice, where he is exploring the opportunities presented by restorative practice to effect genuine and meaningful transformation at individual, group and institutional levels.  His interest in this area makes him extremely thorough in evaluating the impact of restorative practice and he has developed a variety of methods to aid evaluation and planning with organisations wanting to work restorative.

















Graham Robb - Head Teacher


The team Luke has built are colleagues I know and trust - people who can ‘read’ organisations and cultures and then find ways to engage  staff and young people. From the start we have been supporting each other and working with NOMS to find solutions to the issues of working in the young people’s secure estate - at a time of enormous pressure.


In ‘my’ YOI  am really pleased with the way Governor, Safeguarding lead and staff have been so enthusiastic in seeing how restorative work can focus on conflict resolution, Day to day, staff are struggling with some of the most vulnerable young people in our society and in a YOI one of the most complex social settings so the easiest thing would be to say ‘its too difficult’ . But far from it - people want to make real progress in reducing thre harm young people, and staff experience.


My background as a Headteacher and working in the field of youth justice for 12 years has helped me understand how the conflict resolution work can embed in the YOIs. And if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.









Samantha Garner - Education Consultant

Sam is a renowned trainer and speaker on Mental Health, Behaviour, and SEN. Originally a music teacher she became a SENCo in a large Secondary School where she gained a wealth of SEN training and experience, particularly in behaviour and mental health. She then worked with children who had been excluded from school, and children in care before becoming a freelance consultant. She trains education staff nationally and internationally and writes regularly for education publications.


A qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, she has written a series of CBT Programmes aimed at supporting mental health and changing negative behaviour patterns.  These are being used in schools worldwide Sam is passionate about empowering people to support positive behaviour and mental health of children and young people and there is a book in the pipeline. 


In her spare time, she is a diva singer performing around South Devon!