Leading Schools and Sustaining Innovation: Reflections from Dr Luke

Dr Luke Roberts is delighted to share his new book for those interested in changing systems, leading with big ideas and what it takes to sustain innovation. This book shows how to apply thinking in systems to educational settings to enable readers to make a lasting difference.

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Resolve Consultants work with a wide variety of organisations to help turn ideas into action. We believe in using a collaborative approach with our clients to meet your needs.


We bring expertise from a wide variety of sectors to help add value and deliver impact. As a client for Resolve you are assured a high quality of service, but also we will challenge assumptions, explore your organisation's creativity and assess its culture to develop leadership and decision-making to support the change processes that our clients seek.


South West London - Health & Care Partnership

"I was looking for someone to lead a workshop for my team to find their footing in the newly established ICBs. Luke was recommended to me as someone with a background in the NHS, and in particular with healthcare systems. He quickly established – and helped to shape – the outputs we needed. He then led a day-long workshop for my team to think about different models of system working and finding a balance between support and oversight. There were softer elements to warm up the attendees, and a chance to think more strategically, for example considering where the NHS is at present and where it could be in the future.

Luke collated the outputs into a few slides, and we were able to use these and our individual takeaways in subsequent broader discussions to shape our roles and responsibilities. More than achieving practical aims, it was an enjoyable day; the first time most of the team had met up since the pandemic. Luke read the team/room and adjusted his approach to keep the energy levels up, whilst getting the outputs we wanted. He has also been an approachable sounding board since the event. We look forward to working with him again, when we are further along in our ICB journey."


Suzanne Bates, Director of Performance Oversight at South West London ICB.


Endeavour Federation

"Endeavour Federation provides education for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Our aim is to give our pupils the best possible education in a safe, healthy and happy school where everyone matters and where learning is at the heart of everything we do.

We have worked with Luke over the last four years to develop a unique model of conflict resolution which integrates with the eco-system of nurture already present in the Federation. This model has been developed at a strategic level to ensure implementation and evaluation are evidence based.

Luke has a considered approach and he is always challenging. The staff have always found his training thought provoking and enjoyable. Our Federation of schools has benefitted so much from Luke’s approach and our pupils are much better able to resolve conflict and build healthy relationships."



"Working with Dr Luke Roberts has been both a very enjoyable experience for us at Livework but also a very enlightening one.
He manages to navigate the complexity and nuance of conflict, diversity, and get to a resolution with humour, insight and a great facilitation style.
We look forward to working with him again in the future."


Royal College of Art

"Luke has bought his enthusiasm and clarity to enhance our understanding of systems thinking and complexity, both vital to designing better services, to our Masters students at the Royal College of Art. Luke has a natural empathy and is a perfect fit with service design methods and has worked closely with student teams and lectured across year groups to great acclaim. Luke has made a real difference to our course and his advice and expertise is always incredibly welcome to myself, staff and students."


St John Ambulance

"Dr Luke Roberts has been instrumental in our culture change journey. Dr Luke Roberts brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge and his unique approach and delivery style has already started to make a real difference. He has worked with our Executive Team to define and build a conflict resolution framework, understanding the scale of the issue by interrogating data, insights, and feedback.

Dr Luke Roberts has helped to develop an in- house resource of 60 Conflict Resolution Partitioners, who are the vanguard of this work at St John. Feedback from our practitioners has been excellent with many stating that this has been the most engaging and empowering training they have attended.
We are very thankful to Dr Luke Roberts for this work with St John and acknowledge that his has the potential to change the culture, peace and overall, make for a better St John for all who volunteer, work for, and encounter the organisation whether as a stakeholder or as a patient."


Unlocked Graduates

“We have worked closely with Dr. Luke Roberts over a number of years to provide bespoke training to participants on our prison officer training programme, who work in youth prisons. His training gives our participants a deep and pertinent understanding of how conflict operates between young adults in prisons.

Luke's rich experience, insights and knowledge within the sector are invaluable. Luke is deeply knowledgeable of, and responsive to, the continued training needs of our participants. He consistently designs and delivers brilliantly engaging, relevant and thoughtful training, and has made an key impact on the knowledge and practice of participants on our programme.

Luke is a deeply valued delivery and knowledge partner of Unlocked Graduates, and it is a pleasure to work with him. We look forward to our continued work with him.”


Youth Custody Service

Dr Luke Roberts was commissioned across a number of projects between Sept 2019 – Sept 2022 to support the Youth Justice Reform Programme (YCS) with culture and leadership development. This included working with the YCS Senior Managers, Senior Leadership Team, staff and children in our care; to which Dr Luke is highly regarded, liked and respected among all.

Dr Luke was instrumental in helping to shape the new ethos, vision and values for the YCS (launched Feb 2022). He introduced ‘Thinking in Complex and Adaptable Systems’ and ‘Systems Leadership’ to the YCS, which has supported the development of culture transformation frameworks, and a culture toolkit to bring about positive change across the organisation. Dr Luke has also been integral in elevating the thinking and innovation across the YCS. Particularly in better understanding conflict resolution, positive peace, and being a critical adviser for our gamification conflict resolution and inclusive culture project.

Dr Luke’s work has directly emphasised how thinking in systems can enthuse and engage creative and inclusive cultures. We have really valued his reflections and development of these ideas, especially given the challenges YCS has faced in recent years.

He has enabled the YCS to be bold and courageous in our approaches to culture change; in honest self-reflection; in establishing clear products and frameworks that underpin our new operating model and direction of travel; in helping the YCS understand its purpose, personality and its plan; and in supporting the YCS to positively set a strong culture foundation, upon which it can now build, to improve the lives of those in our care and the employee experience of those who care for them.

Because of Dr Luke’s exemplary work and outstanding contributions to culture and leadership development on a national basis and within our HQ / Central Teams, a number of our sites have independently commissioned Dr Luke to further develop work locally and regionally. This is the truest testament to the amazing work he and his organisation do, and the remarkable results that follow.

On a personal note, Dr Luke is single handedly, one of my favourite people to work with, and I could not have successfully carried out my role as the Head of Culture and Leadership, without his professionalism, skill set, knowledge, expertise, support, advice, and delivery.

I would highly recommend Dr Luke and Resolve Consultants to all organisations and companies, and will absolutely be commissioning him again!


NHS South Yorkshire Children and Young Peoples Alliance

“How fortunate was I to be connected with Luke 18 months ago? He has provided a series of workshops, and a common thread in supporting our team as we work with two NHS Trusts who agreed to collaborate together to improve services for children and families. Having a shared understanding of organisational histories and what effective system working really involves has made such a difference in moving forwards our way of thinking about how we lead this work. What is exciting is that these workshops have laid the foundations for a common language and understanding connected to system thinking which has supported a successful National NHS England bid that will lead transformation change in children’s ability to access acute services. What I have learnt personally from Luke in these workshops has been invaluable to me.”


Nicola Ennis, The South Yorkshire CYP Alliance Progamme Lead.

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