Leading Schools and Sustaining Innovation: Reflections from Dr Luke

Dr Luke Roberts is delighted to share his new book for those interested in changing systems, leading with big ideas and what it takes to sustain innovation. This book shows how to apply thinking in systems to educational settings to enable readers to make a lasting difference.

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Our Values

Our Values

The values of Resolve provide our ethical foundation by which we work with clients, partners and communities. They are essential to our purpose, behaviours and relationships.


The starting point of empathy is listening. At resolve we value empathy as fundamental to our relationships.  Empathy creates the ability to see more of the concerns, hopes and perspectives of others. This is foundation of our approach.


Our work is about ensuring that our clients, communities, and partners have the ability to own their voice and the unique opportunities and solutions which can be created when working with us. 


The power of play is fundamental to creating to and allowing creativity and original though. We use play as a value at a conceptual and strategic levels to help explore boundaries and connections. Play also promotes learning and is fun!

Complex Systems Thinking

Our work focuses on system and thinking in system. This means helping our clients and communities, define their system, visualise the system and seek solutions which have a sustainable benefit beyond the time we work together.


We value Peace as the ability to creatively resolve conflict by recognising needs and seeking to generate new forms of interacting. To resolve conflict in a fair and equitable way the process is as important as the way in which it is achieved. Peace brings the ability to achieve and succeed. We work to bring about peace in workplaces, communities, and relationships.


We draw on a range of methods to provide evidence of the challenges that clients face and the solutions that are available to them. Evidence is drawn from stakeholder engagement to understand lived experience, knowledge, and concerns. This enables us to develop localised and customised solutions. This also involves developing evaluation models to evidence change when it occurs.


We value the combination of theory and action and apply this to the unique systems that we work with, and within. Application is about ensuring that meaningful change occurs through intentional, inclusive, purposeful achievements. Application provides the opportunity to explore, experiment and refine the change we want to see in the world

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