The services we provide are an exciting mix of processes and training packages based on leading academic theory and research. Our services have been used by our clients to analysis situations from new perspectives, enhance organisational capacity and work with their customers and stakeholders. At Resolve Consultants our services and training are designed to engage and enthuse participants to offer the best in quality and results.


The services on offer have been developed by Resolve Consultants to help those exploring challenging situations or implementing change to have a framework of support. With more pressure on organisations, managers and employees to deliver than ever before; having the right tools to bring your ideas to life has never been more important. 

Our services are delivered in partnership with leading experts in their fields.  For our clients this adds value to their service requirements, having expertise both from the academic and operational worlds.

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Conflict Resolution & Restorative Approaches: 

Conflict is part of the relationships we have, regardless of sector. How we manage and maintain our relationships in conflict can be testing. Using restorative approaches, we offer training and courses on how to manage conflict to help resolve situations.

Systems Thinking: 

Systems Thinking is a way of looking at the whole, rather than the parts; for many organisations dealing with multiple partners and competitors in a complex business environment System Thinking helps identify risks and new opportunities. For organisations applying internally Systems Thinking helps understand change processes across an organisation or community. This can be very powerful when dealing with complex messy problems which don't have one simple answer.

Organisational Strategy: 

Whether starting something new or modifying an old one, the techniques and methods to design a sustainable and effective organisational structure is crucial. An robust and well balanced organisational strategy provides a sum of the actions a company intends to take to achieve long-term goals. Together, these actions make up a company's strategic plan. Strategic plans take at least a year to complete, requiring involvement from all company levels.

Leadership Under Pressure: 

An important part of leadership is effective decision making. Our training explores the way in which individuals and groups make decisions, and which processes can hinder or support effective decision making. This training was originally designed to help teams in conflict, but has been successfully used to help teams improve the speed f communication and to explore creative opportunities.


Providing an understanding of children and young people's behaviours, both online and via new technology. Giving the fundamental insight into the digital environment for our children and young people. Being able to provide them with the best environment, by protecting them, thus giving them the opportunity for them to utilise their technology to the full potential. 

SaaS Solutions: 

As the world has evolved, so have we. We design bespoke SaaS solutions for your business needs, based on our unique methodologies and theories. This is delivered using cloud service, straight to your workforce. 


We provide full support to ensure you understand and fully utilise your service. On the rare occasion you experience technical difficulties. We also ensure any issues are dealt with promptly and guide you through the process as easily as possible.