Leading Schools and Sustaining Innovation: Reflections from Dr Luke

Dr Luke Roberts is delighted to share his new book for those interested in changing systems, leading with big ideas and what it takes to sustain innovation. This book shows how to apply thinking in systems to educational settings to enable readers to make a lasting difference.

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Associate Spotlight - Jade Ecobichon-Gray

Working as an associate at Resolve has provided me with the opportunity to contribute my skills, knowledge and expertise to projects that seek to create meaningful and impactful change. The scope of the work undertaken at Resolve allows for innovative thinking, to push the boundaries of what’s possible and empower clients to re-think what success can look like. I have enjoyed working with different Resolve consultants, each of whom brings their unique perspective to a project. This kind of peer-to-peer learning is beneficial not only in terms of our approach, but also in the way we are able to create space for clients to explore solutions in a creative manner which recognises the power of difference insights, viewpoints, and expertise.


As a Social Wellness and DEI consultant with experience in transformational change initiatives and a flair for inspirational facilitation my work is driven by curiosity, creativity, and innovation. Prior to working as a consultant, I spent a decade working across addiction recovery, reducing reoffending, mental health, gender equality, diversity and inclusion and organisational wellness. I bring a substantial knowledge base, personal insight and lived experience into my work, with the aim of creating safe and brave spaces that allow clients to engage in the complex and sometimes challenging conversations necessary for meaningful change to take place.


My work is focused on the importance of strategic alignment between workplace wellness and DEI to create cultures of inclusive and sustainable change in organisations, as opposed to simply a calendar of events. Recent work has included strategy creation and innovative programmes of work and training with public sector organisations in both the UK and Jersey. My approach includes a focus on collaboration and co-production that seeks to upskill and empower the individual, team, and organisation as part of a golden thread approach.


Being part of the ITV Granada Diversity & Inclusion Panel, Liverpool Race Equality Business Support Group, and Women of Colour Global Network continues to provide me with incredible opportunities to share knowledge, best practice, and insight with a diverse range of professionals. This has undoubtedly contributed to my passion for creating spaces which allow for discussion and new learning, as evidenced by my recent appointment as co-curator of the Trade Roots Exhibition in Jersey, exploring Jersey’s links to transatlantic slavery including its social and economic legacy.


I am always excited to work with Luke knowing that we are able to combine our unique expertise to create client solutions that recognise the importance of both strategic insight and systems thinking. This ability to take a wider lens view, focusing on both tangible and intangible success measures results in a more holistic and intersectional approach to problem solving and organisational change that is as much about how people feel as how they function.

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