Leading Schools and Sustaining Innovation: Reflections from Dr Luke

Dr Luke Roberts is delighted to share his new book for those interested in changing systems, leading with big ideas and what it takes to sustain innovation. This book shows how to apply thinking in systems to educational settings to enable readers to make a lasting difference.

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Our Team


We work with a select group of partners to help add value to our clients projects and programmes. These partnerships open doors for international collaborations and enable us to share knowledge, teaching and assessment techniques with other organisations.


Scriberia combines consultancy with creativity to elevate your thinking, accelerate your work, and communicate your vision. We are visual thinkers. We create and deliver vision maps, animations, illustrations, infographics, scribing, murals, and workshops for clients all over the world.


Livework have developed a great partnership over several years with Resolve Consultants Ltd on a range of complex challenges. I have personally found it a pleasure to work with CEO Luke. His collaborative style enables him to engage with stakeholders and partners to develop creative solutions. I value his unique ability to combine our knowledge of service design with his system thinking techniques to apply to organisational challenges and produce results which surpass client expectations.

Ben Reason
CEO and Founding Partner

See Green

See Green creates more than websites, we work collaboratively from start to finish to ensure our clients have a finished product that helps their business needs, and the needs of their clients.

It has been a pleasure to work with Luke and the Resolve Consultants team, as well as understanding the organisation, its services and its clients. We look forward to helping Resolve continue to grow online.

Anne Taylor


I had the pleasure to collaborate with Resolve Consultants Ltd to develop a proposal on diversity and inclusion for a client. I appreciated their holistic approach to organisational design and cultural transformation: it challenged and enriched my understanding of DE&I processes and how we can identify emerging signals and dynamic metrics to assess change.

Every time I speak with Luke about a specific challenge I end up discovering something new: a better framework, a clearer definition of the problem and actionable ideas to move forward.

Vincenzo Di Maria, Founder and network catalyst of commonground


Building20 offers consultancy, facilitation and coaching services for organisations, partnerships and collaborations. We’re comfortable with things not being clear just yet and have the tools to help navigate uncertainty and complexity with compassion. Luke and I have collaborated over a number of years to promote a practical, human-centred approach to system change in health care services. We share a pragmatic optimism for achieving justice, inclusion and peace in organisations and communities that always leaves me inspired and hopeful.

Dr Amanda Woolley, Founder of Building20

Mindset Matters

As the Founder of Mindset Matters UK, I've learned the immense value of collaboration, particularly in enhancing diversity of thought and fostering professional community connections. My partnership with Dr. Luke from Resolve Consultants has been a highlight of this journey. His expertise in systems thinking has been an incredible source of inspiration and intellectual stimulation.

Our recent collaboration, focusing on a workplace wellness project with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, stands as a testament to the power of this partnership. Dr. Luke's session on systems thinking through the lens of wellness was a pivotal moment. It underscored the significance of viewing an organisation through a systems lens, embracing its complexity to develop a comprehensive wellness strategy. This approach, integrating aspects of culture, community, authenticity, and wellness, is crucial in today's fast-paced, interconnected world.

The ability to collaborate with such an adept thinker like Dr. Luke not only amplifies the quality of our work at Mindset Matters UK but also continually inspires and challenges us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve in organisational wellness and EDI.

Jade Ecobichon-Gray BSc., MSc.

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